Suppliers at Freud

In our dishes, we use only free-range meats, responsibly-sourced fish and, as much as possible, organic vegetables. Other products, such as coffee, tea and beer are also chosen according to criteria which are beneficial to society and for the environment.

Drinking helps

We make soft drinks how they should be. With only the best organic ingredients and Fairtrade-certified. So far, so delicious.

Good olive oil brings good people together

Gkazas Olijfolie stands for delicious, healthy and honest Greek olive oil.

The extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered, organic, cold-pressed, not mixed with other oils and is free from additives: a pure and honest family product.

Wijnhandel koninginneweg

The assortment consists mainly of wines from Europe (Old World), specifically from France and Italy. Most notable is the selection of wines from the Loire, Bourgogne and Rhône regions. The emphasis is on unpretentious, authentic wines, often from organic grape stock.

Douwe Walinga: specialist in Italian wine

Douwe Walinga, ‘specialist in Italian wine’, focuses on wines with expression and character, from soil, climate, grape variety and vintner. This is the unchanging element of our philosophy, from the 1980’s right up to the present day.


Jan van As

Fresh fish merchant Jan van As is a family company delivering a high quality assortment of fish to the catering industry since 1949. Quality and consistency with fish and season.


de Prael Brewery

The beers from the de Prael Brewery are brewed according to a centuries-old tradition and grown from organic malt. In addition, people who are distanced from the workplace can work and learn at de Prael.


Bocca Coffee

Bocca Coffee is alone in the Netherlands in having the process of selecting, buying, transporting, tasting, roasting and packaging completely under their own control. In addition, the starting-point is ‘direct trade’. By buying directly from the growers and farmers, the money ends up with the right person.


Mr Jones thee

Mr Jones tea consists of natural ingredients. There are no colourings, flavourings or preservatives added. Most of the tea is organically grown or is purchased according to the principles of fair trade.